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2017-04-06, 05:56
Today I passed my driving test third time lucky with only four drivers faults!

However, I think it was less luck and all down to Nesha my driving instructor. His experience/knowledge of the road, patience and friendliness is just brilliant and he made me feel more comfortable driving than before with my previous instructor.

The other great thing, Nesha is an excellent teacher and is very professional using current driving apps and diagrams. He will repeatedly guide you, finding the areas to be improved on while reassuring you at the appropriate times.

Thank you again and I would highly recommend Nesha to anyone I know who needs lessons!
2016-09-07, 11:15
Today I passed my driving test second time! Nesha has been teaching me to drive and has been really helpful and flexible. After unfortunately failing first time Nesha really helped my confidence in driving so that I was comfortable and confident with all maneuvers and any situations that could of appeared on my test. Nesha has been really flexible throughout the year and would definitely recommend Alpha driving school to my friends!
2016-09-05, 14:07
Today I passed my drivers test first time! Nesha is a really good driving instructor with a very good personality which was important for me with a driving instructor because it made me feel at ease with him teaching me. He explains all the manoeuvres in detail and is very calm when you make a mistake. I never would've passed my test first time without Nesha's help and your voice will forever be in my head while I'm driving! Thank you so much for all your teaching and wish you all the best! :)
2014-08-18, 14:43
Just passed first time, with 1 minor. Nesha is an excellent insteuctor. Like many i lacked confindemce in driving just a few months ago. Nesha has given me the patiene and belief to pass. He is very optimistic, calms you down with silly jokes and makes everything very light hearted and confortable, whilst giving very productive and constructive lessons. He creates a very positive and enjoyable driving experience with excellent results. Would definaty recomend.
2014-03-06, 11:08
I have just passed my driving test first time with 3 minors. I would highly recommend Alpha as Nesha is such an excellent instructor. He is very patient and gave me lots of confidence, but also kept me grounded, by always promoting safety first, not just for my lessons and test, but for life. Nesha is a great guy and the whole experience was very enjoyable, Thank you so much Nehsa.
2014-02-10, 10:54
Driving was something I was a little nervous about and I didn't really know what to expect. However Nesha made me feel comfortable straightaway and gave me the confidence that I could do it. His explanations are really clear and I don't think I could have been better prepared for my test!
Overall my driving experience so far has been very enjoyable, and this is all thanks to Nesha! I would definitely recommend him to anyone learning to drive.
2013-12-29, 06:22
I recently passed my test first time with no minors!
I was very nervous about driving to begin with but Nesha has been an amazing instructor and I wouldn't have been able to do it without him! He is a fantastic driving instructor who has great knowledge and makes you feel confident whilst driving. He thoroughly prepared me for my test by covering each topic in detail, taking me through test routes and doing mock tests so you know which areas to improve.

I highly recommend Nesha to anyone looking for an instructor, thank you Nesha!
2013-07-12, 07:18
I am so happy today I passed my driving test with 7 drivers faults. I would have never of got there without Nesha he is an absolutely brilliant driving instructor! He is so patient and has great knowledge i would recommend him to anybody. He is enjoyable to be around and makes you feel so confident and relaxed whilst giving you the boost and encouragement that you need. I could not fault him in anyway he is great at what he does and i couldn't of got there without him. Thank you so much Nesha!!
2013-03-11, 12:50
I passed my test today with just 3 drivers faults!

I did not find driving easy at first but Nesha has been an incredible instructor and has been very patient with me throughout my whole driving experience.

Nesha made sure I was as prepared as possible for my test, taking me through the test routes on our driving lessons. His teaching technique is awesome and the use of his iPad to explain things was fantastic. I highly recommend Nesha and will miss driving with him!
2013-02-14, 23:44
I recently passed my test first time with only 1 driver's fault.

Nesha provided quality instruction throughout our course of lessons, and through use of up-to-date technology he was able to make techniques and manoeuvres very clear. Also, his detailed knowledge of the examining system helped me familiarise myself with the criteria on which examiners assess drivers during their test.

Lastly, despite his questionable choice of radio station, Nesha is a great guy who's easy to get along with, and that helped to make the overall experience with Alpha top class.
2013-02-04, 03:52
Just passed my driving test first time with only 3 drivers faults. Nesha is a great teacher! He gave clear explanations on how to improve my driving through his ipad app and he managed to help me gain confidence after being very nervous to begin with. I am now the third person in my family to be taught by Nesha and would recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor.
2012-12-29, 14:54
I am very happy today as I have passed my driving test first time with just two drivers fault! Nesha's teaching techniques are spot on; It was real professional tuition with explanation,Ipad, books and diagrams. The effect was excellent: in three months I was ready for the test. I highly recommend ALPHA Driving School
2012-11-08, 09:14
Nesha is a brilliant brilliant teacher. I was away at boarding school so I would have a lesson then go away for a few weeks then come back to have another one etc, I thought it would take me forever to pass my test! However I can proudly say that I passed last week! Nesha was a fantastic instructor, in particular his calmness I felt was helpful as someone who would worry a lot about my driving! I would certainly recommend Nesha, Alpha driving school in farnham will get you through for sure :) x
2012-11-08, 01:18
I don't no where to start firstly I want to thank ALPHA great driving school and for giving me the best instructor there ever is I think u all no who he is... Yes Nesha. I don't no where to begging by saying that Nesha is a fantastic instructor the best u could ever ask for. He give me confidance made me believe in my self kept me calm when I got stressed and made a mistake. Every lesson was fun we always had a good old recap on previous lesson and a laugh.Nesha thank so much you for everything you done for me and getting me throw you've been a rock and I am going to miss our lesson:( but good luck to all you new learner but if you get Nesha you will not need luck he is all you need. So all the best and best wishes to ALPHA x ♥ x
2012-10-04, 12:27
Can't praise Nesha enough. Hands down the best instructor I've ever had. I tried learning to drive again after 7 years of failing my last test and within no time I was comfortable back behind the wheel thanks to Nesha's brilliant teacher. He's very patient, enjoyable to be around and his knowledge is fantastic. Thanks for everything Nesha. Will reccomend you to anyone I know who needs lessons.
2012-09-29, 07:26
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Nesha is a brilliant instructor. Nesha makes you feel confident and reassures you at the appropriate times. I have recommend Nesha to few of my friends now and I've heard from them saying that He is great at teaching them to drive. Thank you so much for helping me passing my test first time with only one drivers fault
Ian -Farnham
2012-09-07, 00:49
My lessons have always been very helpful and it was always explained in enough depth so that I would fully understand what I should be doing and when. I really enjoyed my lessons and I have learnt a lot and I would definitely reccommend my instructor as he is truely good at what he does - Thank you for helping me pass today! :)
2012-08-30, 22:47
I felt that today's lesson went brilliant; I find the way you go into so much detail to ensure I understand and that I'm aware of my surroundings in the car very helpful. You fully explain everything I need to do when driving the car; you ensure that you teach me everything into the fullest detail and you take me through it step by step. I feel very safe driving with you as I know when something goes wrong you'll be there to help. I've learnt a lot from you today and hope that next time I will do even better and gradually progress over the weeks/months.

Thanks for all your help and see you next week. Hope this feedback helped; I don’t have anything negative to say though.